Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bon Voyage 2014 + 4 Actions To Bring Into 2015 // LIFESTYLE

As the year comes to a close I can only be grateful for the good and the bad. From the new beginnings that taught me universal life lessons to the weird endings to situations that no longer served their purpose.

It's strange to think back to things that happened in February as it feels like an entirely different year altogether. Maybe it's being in college and everything being separated by semesters or maybe it's just my memory but everything feels like it happened so long ago.

Every year I think I've learned all there is to learn and every year I learn a little bit more than the last. 

One thing that I've learned this year is that writing really helps. It helps especially when I skim back through my Moleskine's and see how many goals have actually come to fruition. I think that's something to be proud of and something to continue doing in 2015.

When I was looking for a title for this post I opened up the dictionary app on my computer and searched words that mean 'goodbye' or 'farewell'. I came upon the beautiful phrase of 'bon voyage'. The french phrase originated in the late 17th century and literally means "good journey". What a beautiful way to end 2014. Not with feelings of regret but with sincere hope for the future. I wish you all a good journey on your way into the new year.


Here are some actions that I want to bring into the new year. Be sure to tell me some of your own in the comments!

1. Patience
I hope to be more patient in the new year, with myself and with others.

2. Persistence 
I hope to be persistent with my goals, my dreams, my morals and values.

3. Practice
I hope to practice my craft more often. I haven't practiced as much as I wanted to with my art recently but I am grateful for the times that I did practice and got to feel the wonderful elation of creating art.

4. Peace
I hope to bring peace into the new year. I hope all of you find peace in the new year as well.

Cheers. Smile a little :]

Friday, December 5, 2014

What I've Been Reading - Batman: Year One // The Library

BATMAN: YEAR ONEa graphic novel by Frank Miller & David Mazzuccheli with Richmond Lewis (1986)

Batman: Year One follows the stories of Lieutenant Gordon and Bruce Wayne as they face intertwining struggles within Gotham City.

I think this was a great book for my first foray into the Batman comics. I enjoyed the backstory behind Bruce Wayne as a supplement to the general knowledge of the story I had from pop culture.

What I found truly interesting was the back story of Lieutenant Gordon. How coming to Gotham City affected his marriage, his wife Barbara, the early progression of his career, (and because he is human) his mistakes. He's flawed but still tries to do the right thing. He fights for himself, fights for Gotham, he's a lot like Batman in that respect. In a way, I feel like I connected more with Gordon this time around than I did with Batman.

That being said, there were some great action scenes with Batman which had me shouting at the pages at times. This is the cover page to one of my favorite chapters in the book, CHAPTER THREE: BLACK DAWN. (I've reread this quote so many times, so awesome.)

And for everyone who likes to see the workflow or creative process of other artists and writers the behind-the-scenes sketches, sample layouts and script pages in the back of the book are a joy to read. I particularly enjoyed Frank Miller's afterword at the end of the book, describing his first glimpse of the Batman comics as a young boy. 

Overall, Miller offers vivid imagery of the ever mysterious Batman and takes the reader on a journey into the perpetually gritty, concrete hole of Gotham City. Well done, Mr. Miller. Well done.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Currently and Concurrently - vol. ii // 2:46 pm // GENERAL

Listening: "Take Me To Church" by Ed Sheeran (Hozier Cover), "Mother & Father" (Live Version) by BROODS, and several songs from Ariana Grande's latest album

So today is the weird time during the middle of the week called Wednesday (or if you like memes - 'hump day'). I've got quite a bit of homework that needs to be done and I really don't want to procrastinate but I think I've been due for a blog post for a couple of weeks now so I thought I'd share what was happening currently in my life. I did a post like this a while back (adapted from this post by the artistic and poetic Raych Pony Gold) and I love the easy list format of the post. It almost reminds me of those Scholastic Mad-Lib books my sister and I use to read in elementary school. Anyway, feel free to tell me what your up to this week in the comments! :]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Autumn Tag // GENERAL

The Autumn Tag

Hey all, so I decided to take part in this tag because it was short and sweet and fit so well with the season. The last tag I did was pretty lengthy (it was The Liebster Award Tag which you can read HERE). I enjoyed this tag a lot after reading Gabrielle's answers on her blog - A Glass Of Ice (plus I have a ton of autumn-y photos saved on my computer just waiting for the interwebs).

With all the newness that comes with the fall season I've also been thinking a lot about change. Fundamental change - things with school, work, family, etc. Things feel like their moving in slightly different directions but I guess I'll just have to show up everyday and see how it all works out. Okay, enough of the intro - here's the tag:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Some more nature goodness, enjoying the sights of fall. :)

 SONG OF THE DAY: "Meet Martin Riggs" by Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen and David Sanborn 
(or actually song of the last couple of months - this song is number 02 on my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes!)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tis The Season to Get Spooky - PART I // Fighting the Boogeyman and Keeping the Fear // LITERATURE

Tis The Season to Get Spooky

Here's a poem I wrote inspired by Night Shift, a short story by Stephen King (learn more HERE and HERE). This poem was actually one of my many summer reading assignments of yesteryear but I found it hidden away on my computer and thought it fit perfectly with the current season. Halloween's coming up! I have to work Halloween night but I think I'll pack some candy to eat just for fun ;]

Have you read Night Shift before? What are your thoughts on the poem?

Sunday, October 12, 2014


This is the time of the year that my side of town starts looking real picturesque...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello everyone! The winner of my giveaway has been selected!

And the winner is...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

5 Things I Learned My First Semester Of Community College // TIPS + ADVICE

School is now in session! As our backpacks and tote bags start to feel the ever present weight of textbooks and binders I thought now would be the perfect time to share some recent revelations from situations that affected me my first semester. Read on for my tips and advice!

1. Don't believe the hype.
When I first started community college I was really disappointed because going to community college didn't fit in with the (somewhat ambiguous) expectations I had from high school. As an Honors student in high school everyone goes on about how crappy community college is, how it is for slackers, etc. I thought when I graduated I would go to some fabulous school out of state, be an art major, live in a dorm and have a grand old time.

When that didn't happen my first semester grades shrunk and so did my self esteem. I let other people's ideas of what my future should be influence my attitude about my current situation. I wasn't making the best of what I had at the moment. What I learned was that you can't let other people's opinions give you preconceived notions about your situation. Which goes into my next point...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Liebster Award Tag! // GENERAL

This is my first time being tagged so thank you Laiah for the Liebster Award!


It's essentially a tag for bloggers to get to know one another better and share a little blog love, similar to tags on YouTube. When I googled what the Liebster Awards were I found several descriptions from various blogs. The word "liebster" means 'dearest', 'sweetheart' or 'beloved' in German. It was started by a German blogger in 2010. There are multiple versions of the rules too but I think the general gist of it is getting to know other bloggers better and sharing some information about yourself.

I took the liberty of leaving out extraneous parts from the tag since it's been revised multiple times over the years. I know school is starting and we are all busy people so I can understand if the people I tagged don't really have time to do it. I think the best part of this is just recognizing new bloggers you like and showing them that you care. I think I had fun with it and I hope you do too! :]

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Painting Patterns With Ink + #Arttips // Art + Illustration

Hello all! This is something I was working on this week. I wanted to do a big illustration but I couldn't think of what subject I wanted to do. Then I started drawing and painting ideas for little patterns. I really liked doing these because they were super simple and naturally I love flowers so why not paint some?

I realized two things about myself while painting this (and maybe these could be tips for you too):

1) If you don't know what to do, start with something simple. Try working on something easy to get started before going on to any big projects. If you're like me, practicing patterns of small flowers or hearts is the perfect exercise. It was much easier on my brain because I didn't spend hours being frustrated about not having a set idea of what to paint.

2) Listen to something that puts you at ease or makes you laugh while you're painting. I usually listen to music while I paint but this week I wanted to watch something funny. I love to watch Comic Con convention videos because I can listen to them while I'm painting and still pay attention to my work. I've currently been binge watching Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan's convention videos. I'm also a huge fan of the Supernatural convention videos. Anyone else watch convention videos on Youtube? What do you listen to while you work?

Also, sometimes I post these tips on my twitter. Feel free to follow me there for more! :]

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 Ways To Wear A Green Drawstring Bag + Backpack // Personal Style

Casual School // Summer Outfit - #008

Casual Summer Outfit - #007

Casual Summer Outfit - #006

I discovered this bag while scrolling through my Polyvore account and instantly fell in love with it. I made several sets with this bag because I feel it's just so versatile. Plus it can bring a tropical feel to whatever outfit your wearing. ;]

These particular three sets are outfits I'd wear to class on a slightly warmer day. I go back to college this fall semester. I'm excited and slightly terrified. 

Anyone else going back to school? Have you found any staple items for the coming season? :]

Outfit #1 - Monki long dress, $47 / Jean jacket, $135 / Cheap Monday black sandals / Juicy Couture crossbody handbag / Casio gold watch, $92
Outfit #2 - Topshop black shirt, $8.35 / Cut off shorts / H&M flat shoes, $50 / Juicy Couture crossbody purse / Casio gold bracelet, $92
Outfit #3 - Yves Saint Laurent black t shirt / Cut off shorts / H M brown flat, $50 / Juicy Couture crossbody handbag

Friday, August 15, 2014

50 Subscriber Giveaway! // ART SUPPLIES and more // LizzVisions [CLOSED]

Hello all! Today I'm hosting a giveaway because I officially have reached 50 followers on this blog on Bloglovin. This really is a little blog that I enjoy and get excited about. I really want to put my best foot forward with it. I'm hoping to take it to bigger and better places in the future, so I just want to share my appreciation with all of you.

Anyway, this giveaway is for all the wonderful people subscribed to me on Bloglovin, which can be found here:

As an artist I know art supplies are always exciting to receive so this giveaway is for the inner artist in all of us! ONE PERSON will win the following giveaway prize pack:


- One pad of Canson XL Watercolor Paper (30 sheets of 140 lb, 9 x 12 in.)
- Three tubes of 7.5 ml Grumbacher Academy Artists' Watercolor Paints (Colors: Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, and Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue)
- One 24 pack of Reeve's Fine Soft Pastels
- One 8 pack of assorted blending stumps
- One Large Ruled hardcover Moleskine notebook (Black, 8 x 5 in.)


I will be using Rafflecopter, the widget to enter can be found down below.

The main giveaway widget is located on my blog, on this actual blog post. It offers options for more than one entry - more entries, the better your chances at winning!

The only real rule is, since this is a Bloglovin giveaway, that you must be subscribed to my Bloglovin profile.

The giveaway runs from AUGUST 15, 2014 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2014.
Giveaway starts at 12:00 EST on August 15, 2014.
Giveaway ends at 12:00 EST on September 15, 2014.

One winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries. The winner will be contacted via email at the end of the giveaway. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected. The winner's blog post will be posted/announced the week of September 15, 2014.

PLEASE USE A PROPER, WORKING EMAIL WHEN ENTERING!  If you win, I can’t contact you without a working email! This giveaway is open to United States residents ONLY.

There are 5 Ways to enter the giveaway:
+1 – Provide your name and Email on the widget below
+5 -- Bloglovin:
+4 -- Tweeting the message given on the widget to share the giveaway
+3 – Twitter:
+2 – Instagram:

Prizes will be shipped out middle or end of September 2014. Please contact me if you have questions or run into any problems.

Feel free to comment something nice below with your blog link so I can check out your blog! Good luck! (PS - I found this awesome giveaway format from MissKerrieJ on Tumblr. :])

Peace and Good Vibes

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#TBT // Fragment (Consider Revising) // Poetry

A poem about thesis statements and writing essays for everyone going back to school in a few weeks. Five page essays, here we come. (TEXT VERSION BELOW)


Fragment (Consider Revising)

I despise you, Thesis Statement!
In this relationship you are nothing if not
Frustrating, irritating, and slightly intimidating
In constant need of extension and attention
And invention and revision. Who do you think you are?
Selfishly coming in and taking all the attention 
Away from me and the rest of my paper!

You are almost as bad as your brother, Conclusion.
Never around when I really need you, 
With your name constantly in the air,
the source of the town gossip during the fall term.
We are fighting and tormenting each other but cannot break up,
A breakup at this stage in the game would mean a stressful divorce
From me and A, my long term on again and off again 
And off again and on again and off again partner.

We have driven down a road rockier than the Poconos yet
 I see slivers of hope in our fragments.
We can go to couples therapy with a specialist, 
A well known figure in the tumultuous area 
Of broken thesis statements, a beacon of hope and terror,
The Honors English Teacher.

It has taken four long weeks, one long semester
With our one hour sessions, twice a month
Our relationship is mended, commended, gracefully defended.
This fragment, this shred, this wounded cut
Healed and revealed my subconscious reflections.
I no longer despise you but adore and appreciate your efforts
To bring harmonious consistency to my every exposition.

- lizzvisions

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two Casual Summer Outfits // The White Tee

Casual Summer Outfit - #003

Casual Summer Outfit - #005

Here are two ways to wear a white tee and denim shorts during the summer. As summer winds down to a close these two outfits remind me to smile and relax, especially sunny yellow backpack! 

I love these basic items for any wardrobe and will be adding them to my own collection very soon. 
Which outfit is your favorite? :]

Monday, July 28, 2014

F L E U R // Washington D.C. + Maryland Trip

Floral beauty in the Washington D.C. // Maryland area. I don't actually know what type of flowers these are but they are absolutely beautiful. What is your favorite type of flower? :]

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#TBT // Grandmother, May I // Poetry

Here's a poem I did as a small part of my senior anthology project in high school. I was very much inspired by the poetry of Langston Hughes, whom I've loved ever since I discovered him in my 9th grade English class.

The poem is a rumination on black women, slavery, mothers and daughters and the passing of time. I remember having a really great experience writing it, the words flowed easily, even after as I did some editing for the project. I remember being super excited about my work and the thought of sharing it with people. (I also remember my teacher at the time was surprised I had wrote something so sophisticated.)

It was one of those moments that, as an artist, I live for...the moment when what you envision in your head and what you put down on the paper are completely in sync.

I also submitted this poem to my school's literary art magazine. I was Editor-In-Chief of the magazine my senior year of high school. I had loads of fun designing the magazine, editing the poetry and artwork of my fellow students and ultimately helping build a really cool memento. Working on the magazine and being in a creative publication environment definitely provided me with the inspiration for what I want to do in my future career - more reading, more writing, more art.

I'd love to know your thoughts. What is your interpretation of the poem? :]


Grandmother, May I
I've known rivers:
I've known rivers ancient as the world and older than the
     flow of human blood in human veins.
My soul has grown deep like the rivers.
- Langston Hughes, “The Negro speaks of Rivers” (1922)

I have grown old on this plantation
With my children in the cotton fields.
The snow has taken my heart
And the summer has taken my fear.
My old bones are creaking lovely
For the day I thought I was born
I would be a free black bird 
But I am trapped, tortured, and forlorn. 
But over the white fence, I see the river.
I see the river and it calms me so.

I have seen you birth babes. 
Babes, so dark, so young,
Who know nothing but the sun on their back
And a whip at their hides
And the master at their tongues.
Have you seen my Grandmother?
My Grandmother has seen the rivers.
She’s run on the African soil.
She’s fed the babes of the world.
She’s grown her hair long 
To wade in the river.

I have seen you run through the field.
Running from your Mother,
Running from your Grandmother,
Running from the master’s whip
And straight into the river.
You’ve become one with the river
And it calms me so.

- lizzvisions

Monday, July 21, 2014

Casual OOTD - Striped Shirt Dress and Sandals

Casual OOTD - Striped Shirt Dress and Sandals

Here's a simple variation of an outfit that I've worn many times. (The Proenza Schouler bag and the Nikon DF camera are two wishlist items I would love to add to my real life collection but for now they will live on in my mind and on the blogosphere.) 

A staple item in my closet, the black and white striped cotton t-shirt dress. I like to accessorize it with gold earrings and a gold collar necklace. Brown strapped sandals are super easy to wear. If it gets chilly, throw on a light wash denim jacket to complete the look. Perfect for a casual summer day :] 

What item is your summer staple?

Items mentioned: Hope black stripe dress / H&M sandals, $51 / Proenza Schouler leather purse, $2,330

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wishlist: Bag Envy

As the summer solstice has officially commenced, it's time to pull out your summer wardrobe. School's out so I've retired my big tote for the semester in favor of a small brown cross body bag.

The texture is faux-leather and super relaxed and slouchy - perfect for running around town on easy errands. But for summer parties and events I'd like something a bit more sophisticated. Specifically, something black, sleek and with a hint of gold. Here are some of the bags on my wishlist! Which one is your favorite?

Monday, June 16, 2014

19 // A Day in New York City

Little moments from the day I spent in New York City. 

It was my nineteenth birthday (June 9) so I did a little birthday shopping in SoHo with my dad and my sisters. We wanted an authentic New York City experience so we took the train, even though we had a car. 
(I now know that I prefer to take a car.)

My sister also surprised me with a watercolor paint set! I read a great art supply recommendation post about this paint set on Katie Rodgers blog, Paper Fashion. 

Walking around in NYC and taking pictures (with my dad's camera I might add) was a weird, cool experience. It felt good to be doing something creative yet different from my usual creative outlet. The experience just felt right.

New York City has endless amounts of inspiration for any budding photographer/illustrator/writer/artist.
I'm itching to go back again and storm the city with my photography prowess - next time hopefully with my own camera!

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

" Labels cloud our vision 

and distract us 

from seeing 

how much we have in common 

with one another." - Russell Simmons 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Currently and Concurrently // Looking Inwards, Spilling Outwards

I've been feeling quite down on myself and uninspired lately. As this happens quite often I know that it's a sign that I need to: 

a) get some writing done, spilling my brain out on to the page usually helps 

b) listen to more music, usually while writing this helps me get in the zone // looking inward and spilling outward

c) get off of the internet for a little while. 

I've found that constantly refreshing what other people are doing makes me feel insecure about what I'm doing (or not doing). Generally the more I work, the better I feel - this especially helps me not feel like I'm wasting my summer days. 

So to combat that, here are some things I have been doing:

(Adapted from this post by one of my favorite illustrators/bloggers, Rachel Urquhart at Pony Gold.)

Making: To-do lists and timed schedules on index cards.
Cooking: Vegetables and rice.
Drinking: 20 oz. can of Mountain Dew.
Reading: Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple by Russell Simmons and Chris Morrow.
Wanting: A BETTER QUALITY CAMERA! (Either in the form of an iPhone or a DSLR. I really want to take more of my own pictures for this blog.
Looking: For a job. A paying job. Just throwing that out to the universe.
Listening: To "Back To You" by Twin Forks, "Counting Stars (Cover)" by R5, "Stay" by Safetysuit and "Comfort Inn Ending" by Jhene Aiko.
Wasting: Time.
Wishing: For more time. Time to have fun. Go places. Meet new people. Breathe new air.
Enjoying: This song ("Back To You" by Twin Forks).
Growing: My hair out after damaging it/not taking proper care of it during the winter.
Watching: Lots of Modern Family. I'm four seasons in and loving it.
Waiting: For my clothes to dry.
Following: "...the signs right back to you / I know they wind right back to you..."
Liking: I'm not sure...I'm trying to love things. I guess I'm really liking blogging, communicating with the outside world.
Collecting: Books to read from the library. Might actually have to return those soon.
Wondering: What I'm going to do for my birthday in two days - June 9th.
Loving: The feeling of accomplishment when I finish something.
Missing: The fresh air outside.
Hoping: For a miracle. Which one? I don't know.
Marveling: At the art and success of the creative women who inspire me.
Needing: Some motivation to curl my hair.
Smelling: A little bit of fresh air wafting around the room.
Wearing: Shorts and a loose cotton tank top because its currently 80 degrees and partly sunny.
Noticing: That I'm need of a little pampering.
Knowing: Nothing really for certain.
Thinking: Of ways to change the future.
Giggling: At Kat William's videos and Vine compilations on Youtube.
Feeling: Quite alright.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

"It takes but one thought to change your life, 

the thought that you are worthy, 

of that which you dream about and seek." 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Inspiration #001 - A Day Out With The Artist - Personal Style

A Day Out With The Artist - #001

A little outfit inspiration of my personal style.

I imagine myself going out for a day of sketching and exploration, dressed comfortably and chic leaving remnants of my artistic expression in dusty coffee shops and bookstores...this is a day out with the artist.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

"You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward." - Jon 'Bones' Jones

This is a quote I recently retweeted from mixed martial artist and UFC champion, Jon "Bones" Jones. I really felt like it just resonated with me. As an artist (and a human being in general), I tend to fall victim to "analysis paralysis" where I think too much about doing a particular thing rather than actually doing it.

This quote just reminded me that it's okay to not have it all figured out, as long as you work toward doing something. I still don't have it all figured out with school, fashion, my art, this blog - this list goes on and on. The important part is that I keep going.

With something so relatable coming from someone in such a different profession as me, I feel like there is a lot about motivation and perseverance that we as artists and creative thinkers can learn from great professional fighters like Jon Jones. In order to be a champion, you have to think like a champion. Am I right?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What I've Been Reading // What I've Been Up To // The Library

So I've been reading this amazing book on creativity, called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

I read his other bestselling book Steal Like An Artist a while back and it was pretty cool. I might have to take it out from the library again because I feel like the first time I read it I had a different mindset about what I wanted my art to be. I was young, comfortable with the routine of going to school and coming home (little did I know that routine would be pulled right from under me).

This book has really been helping me think of what it means to be creative in the age of blogging and Twitter and Instagram, how to put out at least one creative work a day (he calls it a "daily dispatch"), connecting with other people who like the same stuff you do and who you can collaborate with in your "scenius", why you should have your own blog/website, etc. There are tons of other amazing tips for creatives and artists and thinkers and people who want to get work done in general. 

It also talks a little about how he starting doing newspaper blackout poetry pieces. I read about how he started doing them and was so inspired that I had to give it a try (that's my own above). Especially now when I'm sort of in a creative standstill, and still going to school (still trying to figure out college, oy!)

I find it hard to get into drawing something (whether it be complicated portraits or simple still life's of insects) because sometimes I talk myself out if it. I guess as artists we tend to be our own worst critics.

Anyway, I think this will be the perfect daily creative exercise for me. I love poetry and writing and this is pretty simple. Hopefully I can keep up with sharing (or just doing) one everyday. My dad might need to start hiding his newspapers ;]

Have any of you read this book? Any thoughts on it?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix..."

- "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg (1955)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taz - Dika Toolkit Fanart

Super fun drawing of Taz, original character by Dika Toolkit. I did the drawing in my sketchbook, trying to learn how to get fluid lines like he does. Wish me luck! :]

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

"...Trying to write something good before I write anything at all is like refusing to give birth unless you know for sure it is going to be a very good baby." - Lynda Barry

Monday, April 7, 2014

Justine Skye Portrait

Done with ink. I recorded a little video on my phone. You can see it on YouTube, just search my name. :]

Charcoal Eye Study Drawing

A favorite of mine, done in my watercolor Moleskine at school. After I finished it I realized great things can happen when you focus! (I should probably realize that about my homework too... ;])
Inspired by amazing artist Kevin Llwellyn

(EDIT: He retweeted the drawing back when my username was Lizzdoesart. Super exciting for me!)

Luis Dagostino Portrait

Something I did last summer. Very fun but challenging at the same time. Portraits are always challenging to me, but maybe that's why I am so intrigued by them. 

Well, basically he is an actor from a show called "The Vineyard". He actually saw the picture on Instagram and left a comment for me. I was screaming with excitement at the time. I was convinced by my sister to share the picture. 

I usually just draw stuff and kept to myself, which I don't think is a bad thing. Somedays I think that young artists should keep there work to themselves until they are more comfortable to share it. No need to go looking for approval with your art on social media at a young age.  

Self esteem is fragile during those years, I know mine was. When I was 12, 13, 14 I kept my art in my sketchbook and only showed it to my friends every once in awhile. I guess what I am trying to say is that I used that time from then till now to develop confidence in my work. I was also not comparing my work to other more better artists back then as much as I do now 
(a habit that I am trying to break) XD 
(My old Instagram name was lizzdoesart)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If You Could Study Anything In School, What Would You Study?

Things I Would Love To Study:

Fine art,
creative writing,
traditional illustration,
digital illustration,
web design,
fashion design,
visual communication,
art history,
dead languages,
english language,
maybe all the languages,
holistic medicine/health and healing,
classical music/composition.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Eye Sketch - Watercolor Moleskine

Here's a small eye sketch from a while back. So for this drawing I did something a bit different. I looked though eye pictures on Instagram for reference until I found this one. I loved the way it turned out! The girl who I drew from loved it too so she reposted it on her Instagram. Eye sketches are awesome! :]

Pia Mia Portrait

Here is a simple portrait illustration of model/singer Pia Mia. I used pencil and ink. Hope you enjoy :]