Wednesday, March 14, 2018

BOOK REVIEW - Nuts (Hudson Valley #1) by Alice Clayton | THE LIBRARY

I read a suggestion once that you should read books about locations you want to move to. As Pinterest and Instagram have long inspired my obsession with beautiful homes and interiors I looked to a place that has kind of always been on the back of my mind since 6th grade. Beautiful, upstate New York landscapes. Specifically, the Hudson Valley.

Lo and behold, there is an author who writes stories set in the same dreamy upstate locales that I've been saving on Pinterest.

Alice Clayton's "Nuts" (Hudson Valley #1) had me dreaming of upstate New York farms, small town life, Jeeps on an open country road, homemade diner food and a certain farmer named Almanzo. Not to mention laughing my butt off at any and all parts involving Roxie and bumble bees.

The book was a great read. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I shouted out loud. (All of the things a good book should make you do). But most importantly, I identified with the main character, Roxie Callahan. I felt like I was her and she was me. Going through a lot of the same issues that comes with growing up as young woman - wanting to let go of the past and grow into who you want to be - not a persona placed on you by the people you grew up with/your hometown, complicated relationships with parents, first love, wanting to protect your heart. (This list is by no means exclusive.)

I have not read a fiction book (let alone a romance novel) in a long time and I'm glad that this was my first foray back into it. I'm glad to say that now I will be checking out the other books in Alice Clayton's Hudson Valley series (and checking Zillow for homes in the Hudson Valley...) :]

My Rating:

4 out of 5 stars