Monday, June 23, 2014

Wishlist: Bag Envy

As the summer solstice has officially commenced, it's time to pull out your summer wardrobe. School's out so I've retired my big tote for the semester in favor of a small brown cross body bag.

The texture is faux-leather and super relaxed and slouchy - perfect for running around town on easy errands. But for summer parties and events I'd like something a bit more sophisticated. Specifically, something black, sleek and with a hint of gold. Here are some of the bags on my wishlist! Which one is your favorite?

Monday, June 16, 2014

19 // A Day in New York City

Little moments from the day I spent in New York City. 

It was my nineteenth birthday (June 9) so I did a little birthday shopping in SoHo with my dad and my sisters. We wanted an authentic New York City experience so we took the train, even though we had a car. 
(I now know that I prefer to take a car.)

My sister also surprised me with a watercolor paint set! I read a great art supply recommendation post about this paint set on Katie Rodgers blog, Paper Fashion. 

Walking around in NYC and taking pictures (with my dad's camera I might add) was a weird, cool experience. It felt good to be doing something creative yet different from my usual creative outlet. The experience just felt right.

New York City has endless amounts of inspiration for any budding photographer/illustrator/writer/artist.
I'm itching to go back again and storm the city with my photography prowess - next time hopefully with my own camera!

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

" Labels cloud our vision 

and distract us 

from seeing 

how much we have in common 

with one another." - Russell Simmons 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Currently and Concurrently // Looking Inwards, Spilling Outwards

I've been feeling quite down on myself and uninspired lately. As this happens quite often I know that it's a sign that I need to: 

a) get some writing done, spilling my brain out on to the page usually helps 

b) listen to more music, usually while writing this helps me get in the zone // looking inward and spilling outward

c) get off of the internet for a little while. 

I've found that constantly refreshing what other people are doing makes me feel insecure about what I'm doing (or not doing). Generally the more I work, the better I feel - this especially helps me not feel like I'm wasting my summer days. 

So to combat that, here are some things I have been doing:

(Adapted from this post by one of my favorite illustrators/bloggers, Rachel Urquhart at Pony Gold.)

Making: To-do lists and timed schedules on index cards.
Cooking: Vegetables and rice.
Drinking: 20 oz. can of Mountain Dew.
Reading: Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple by Russell Simmons and Chris Morrow.
Wanting: A BETTER QUALITY CAMERA! (Either in the form of an iPhone or a DSLR. I really want to take more of my own pictures for this blog.
Looking: For a job. A paying job. Just throwing that out to the universe.
Listening: To "Back To You" by Twin Forks, "Counting Stars (Cover)" by R5, "Stay" by Safetysuit and "Comfort Inn Ending" by Jhene Aiko.
Wasting: Time.
Wishing: For more time. Time to have fun. Go places. Meet new people. Breathe new air.
Enjoying: This song ("Back To You" by Twin Forks).
Growing: My hair out after damaging it/not taking proper care of it during the winter.
Watching: Lots of Modern Family. I'm four seasons in and loving it.
Waiting: For my clothes to dry.
Following: "...the signs right back to you / I know they wind right back to you..."
Liking: I'm not sure...I'm trying to love things. I guess I'm really liking blogging, communicating with the outside world.
Collecting: Books to read from the library. Might actually have to return those soon.
Wondering: What I'm going to do for my birthday in two days - June 9th.
Loving: The feeling of accomplishment when I finish something.
Missing: The fresh air outside.
Hoping: For a miracle. Which one? I don't know.
Marveling: At the art and success of the creative women who inspire me.
Needing: Some motivation to curl my hair.
Smelling: A little bit of fresh air wafting around the room.
Wearing: Shorts and a loose cotton tank top because its currently 80 degrees and partly sunny.
Noticing: That I'm need of a little pampering.
Knowing: Nothing really for certain.
Thinking: Of ways to change the future.
Giggling: At Kat William's videos and Vine compilations on Youtube.
Feeling: Quite alright.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Motivation, Quotes and Literature...

"It takes but one thought to change your life, 

the thought that you are worthy, 

of that which you dream about and seek." 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Inspiration #001 - A Day Out With The Artist - Personal Style

A Day Out With The Artist - #001

A little outfit inspiration of my personal style.

I imagine myself going out for a day of sketching and exploration, dressed comfortably and chic leaving remnants of my artistic expression in dusty coffee shops and bookstores...this is a day out with the artist.