Saturday, June 7, 2014

Currently and Concurrently // Looking Inwards, Spilling Outwards

I've been feeling quite down on myself and uninspired lately. As this happens quite often I know that it's a sign that I need to: 

a) get some writing done, spilling my brain out on to the page usually helps 

b) listen to more music, usually while writing this helps me get in the zone // looking inward and spilling outward

c) get off of the internet for a little while. 

I've found that constantly refreshing what other people are doing makes me feel insecure about what I'm doing (or not doing). Generally the more I work, the better I feel - this especially helps me not feel like I'm wasting my summer days. 

So to combat that, here are some things I have been doing:

(Adapted from this post by one of my favorite illustrators/bloggers, Rachel Urquhart at Pony Gold.)

Making: To-do lists and timed schedules on index cards.
Cooking: Vegetables and rice.
Drinking: 20 oz. can of Mountain Dew.
Reading: Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple by Russell Simmons and Chris Morrow.
Wanting: A BETTER QUALITY CAMERA! (Either in the form of an iPhone or a DSLR. I really want to take more of my own pictures for this blog.
Looking: For a job. A paying job. Just throwing that out to the universe.
Listening: To "Back To You" by Twin Forks, "Counting Stars (Cover)" by R5, "Stay" by Safetysuit and "Comfort Inn Ending" by Jhene Aiko.
Wasting: Time.
Wishing: For more time. Time to have fun. Go places. Meet new people. Breathe new air.
Enjoying: This song ("Back To You" by Twin Forks).
Growing: My hair out after damaging it/not taking proper care of it during the winter.
Watching: Lots of Modern Family. I'm four seasons in and loving it.
Waiting: For my clothes to dry.
Following: "...the signs right back to you / I know they wind right back to you..."
Liking: I'm not sure...I'm trying to love things. I guess I'm really liking blogging, communicating with the outside world.
Collecting: Books to read from the library. Might actually have to return those soon.
Wondering: What I'm going to do for my birthday in two days - June 9th.
Loving: The feeling of accomplishment when I finish something.
Missing: The fresh air outside.
Hoping: For a miracle. Which one? I don't know.
Marveling: At the art and success of the creative women who inspire me.
Needing: Some motivation to curl my hair.
Smelling: A little bit of fresh air wafting around the room.
Wearing: Shorts and a loose cotton tank top because its currently 80 degrees and partly sunny.
Noticing: That I'm need of a little pampering.
Knowing: Nothing really for certain.
Thinking: Of ways to change the future.
Giggling: At Kat William's videos and Vine compilations on Youtube.
Feeling: Quite alright.

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