Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hello all! This past week in the planner:

--- I started using more sticky notes! I color coded each class to a specific sticky note color (ex: art history = pink, domestic violence = blue, etc) and tried to use the same colors for the flags in the monthly view. 
--- I pulled the assignments for each week from my syllabus' and pasted each sticky note in for the corresponding week. 
--- I also did this for the entire month with sticky flags. 

Let me know how your week was in the comments! 

Friday, February 5, 2016


**Click the photos to enlarge**

Hello, all! So this was the past week in the planner:

--- It was the second week of the semester so I was still figuring out how to add my classes in.
--- I currently love using the orange washi tape to show my work schedule. It's a really good way to visualize large blocks of time. (Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest HERE.)
--- I've decided to put in my classes as bulleted events (but I think I'll start using washi tape for those too).
--- The "This Week" section at the bottom just contains weekly tasks.
--- I'm using two large pieces of notepad paper to write my assignments for the week.
--- The monthly view isn't as pretty lol (a work in progress obviously) but it's simple with the use of movable sticky notes for blog posts and tasks.

Any thoughts? How was your week? :]