Friday, August 15, 2014

#TBT // Fragment (Consider Revising) // Poetry

A poem about thesis statements and writing essays for everyone going back to school in a few weeks. Five page essays, here we come. (TEXT VERSION BELOW)


Fragment (Consider Revising)

I despise you, Thesis Statement!
In this relationship you are nothing if not
Frustrating, irritating, and slightly intimidating
In constant need of extension and attention
And invention and revision. Who do you think you are?
Selfishly coming in and taking all the attention 
Away from me and the rest of my paper!

You are almost as bad as your brother, Conclusion.
Never around when I really need you, 
With your name constantly in the air,
the source of the town gossip during the fall term.
We are fighting and tormenting each other but cannot break up,
A breakup at this stage in the game would mean a stressful divorce
From me and A, my long term on again and off again 
And off again and on again and off again partner.

We have driven down a road rockier than the Poconos yet
 I see slivers of hope in our fragments.
We can go to couples therapy with a specialist, 
A well known figure in the tumultuous area 
Of broken thesis statements, a beacon of hope and terror,
The Honors English Teacher.

It has taken four long weeks, one long semester
With our one hour sessions, twice a month
Our relationship is mended, commended, gracefully defended.
This fragment, this shred, this wounded cut
Healed and revealed my subconscious reflections.
I no longer despise you but adore and appreciate your efforts
To bring harmonious consistency to my every exposition.

- lizzvisions

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