Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Autumn Tag // GENERAL

The Autumn Tag

Hey all, so I decided to take part in this tag because it was short and sweet and fit so well with the season. The last tag I did was pretty lengthy (it was The Liebster Award Tag which you can read HERE). I enjoyed this tag a lot after reading Gabrielle's answers on her blog - A Glass Of Ice (plus I have a ton of autumn-y photos saved on my computer just waiting for the interwebs).

With all the newness that comes with the fall season I've also been thinking a lot about change. Fundamental change - things with school, work, family, etc. Things feel like their moving in slightly different directions but I guess I'll just have to show up everyday and see how it all works out. Okay, enough of the intro - here's the tag:


Question #1: Favorite thing about Autumn?

Answer #1: I'm pretty sure my favorite thing about fall is the color of the leaves at the beginning of the season...just wonderful oranges, vibrant reds and mellow yellows.

Question #2: Go to makeup product during Autumn?

Answer #2: Dark purple lipsticks.

Question #3: Favorite food/drink during Autumn?

Answer #3: I enjoy food year round but somehow hot chocolate with marshmallows tastes a little better when the air outside is getting colder.

Question #4: Favorite shop throughout Autumn?

Answer #4: I'm not much of shopper but I tend to frequent A.C. Moore this time of the year - mainly for the Christmas time deals but also because they put up their seasonal decorations and candles so everything smells really nice. Barnes and Noble is also pretty great.

Question #5: Favorite Autumn scent?

Answer #5: The aroma of fresh pumpkin pie with whipped cream. 

Question #6: One word that sums up Autumn for you?

Answer #6: Leaves.

Question #7: Favorite item of clothing during Autumn?

Answer #7: My brown combat boots. 

Question #8: Inside or outside during Autumn?

Answer #8: Inside a warm coffee shop, with a hot drink and a good book.


So that was my Autumn Tag! Are you tired of seeing the word Autumn yet? If not, feel free to do the tag and share your post links with me on Twitter so I can retweet your answers. Thanks for reading! Smile a little ;]

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