Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Currently and Concurrently - vol. ii // 2:46 pm // GENERAL

Listening: "Take Me To Church" by Ed Sheeran (Hozier Cover), "Mother & Father" (Live Version) by BROODS, and several songs from Ariana Grande's latest album

So today is the weird time during the middle of the week called Wednesday (or if you like memes - 'hump day'). I've got quite a bit of homework that needs to be done and I really don't want to procrastinate but I think I've been due for a blog post for a couple of weeks now so I thought I'd share what was happening currently in my life. I did a post like this a while back (adapted from this post by the artistic and poetic Raych Pony Gold) and I love the easy list format of the post. It almost reminds me of those Scholastic Mad-Lib books my sister and I use to read in elementary school. Anyway, feel free to tell me what your up to this week in the comments! :]

Making: Plans for my sisters 21st birthday and lists of homework that needs to get done.
Cooking: White rice later in evening.
Drinking: Orange juice.
Reading: I haven't read any novels in a couple of weeks because I'm waiting on the third book to a series I'm really loving. I also have several comic books sitting on my book shelf waiting to be thumbed through and loved. I'll be posting reviews on them soon!
Wanting: Less and less, which I guess is a good thing.
Looking: For ways to be more tender...
Wasting: (As much as I hate to admit it...) Time.
Wishing: For the good days to be longer than the bad days.
Enjoying: YouTube videos. Good food. Investing in myself.
Growing: In mind, body and spirit.
Watching: The Mindy Project, Bad Judge, Mysteries of Laura, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Chicago P.D., Supernatural (need to catch up from last season though) and The Flash
Waiting: For my sister to get back from her hair appointment.
Following: Bull**** rules for the last time.
Liking: When things go according to plan (which rarely ever happens but its great when it does). Also, spending quality time with my little brother.
Collecting: More comic books.
Wondering: About my future with college.
Loving: Laughing with the people I care about.
Missing: My old man who's traveling at the moment.
Hoping: For the best...
Marveling: At the talent of some young bloggers and tastemakers I follow.
Needing: Something to warm up my hands on these cold November days!
Smelling: Lotion that my sister is putting on.
Wearing: Black leggings, a light grey cardigan, my college t-shirt, colorful socks and a slouchy hat.
Noticing: How quickly things can change.
Knowing: That I have quite a bit of work to do.
Thinking: About how often I help my siblings and how much they help me. We look out for each other.
Giggling: At the meme my little sister sent me.
Feeling: All things considered, quite alright.

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  1. "Investing in myself." YES. I've been doing this lately. We should all invest in ourselves more! (Also, I love BROODS)

    1. I'm glad to hear you have been investing in yourself, Kelly. And yes, BROODS is awesome! I'm a huge fan of your blog <3 :]

  2. Oh wow, this is such an interesting post! When you write it out in this way, it's easy to see where all of the hours in the day go to! I've started attending Christmas events that have been booked up for quite some time now, so I'm feeling well and truly festive.. with not much room for anything else! haha just kidding, but it really is a lovely time of year. I'm glad you've returned to blogging by the way, it's so nice to read your posts! :)


    1. Thanks so much, Gabby! I'm glad you liked the post, blogging friends like you help keep me motivated :] And OMG Christmas is almost here, I'm trying to get into the spirit of the holidays too. Can't wait to hear about your holiday events!

  3. we love ourselves a little Ariana Grande!! What's your fave song from her album?

    M + K

    1. Hey Michelle and Katherine! I have been listening to "Be My Baby" nonstop all day! But last week it was "Love Me Harder" and the week before that it was "One Last Time"... So basically I find a new song from her album to fall in love with every week LOL :D

      P.S. - You guys are twins?! That's awesome!