Monday, October 27, 2014

Tis The Season to Get Spooky - PART I // Fighting the Boogeyman and Keeping the Fear // LITERATURE

Tis The Season to Get Spooky

Here's a poem I wrote inspired by Night Shift, a short story by Stephen King (learn more HERE and HERE). This poem was actually one of my many summer reading assignments of yesteryear but I found it hidden away on my computer and thought it fit perfectly with the current season. Halloween's coming up! I have to work Halloween night but I think I'll pack some candy to eat just for fun ;]

Have you read Night Shift before? What are your thoughts on the poem?


Fighting the Boogeyman and Keeping the Fear

The horror inside that you cannot see,
the crippling menace and silent killer.
A crime of the mind naught one man can flee,
a demon arrives to bring a chiller
hairy tingle right up your bones and spine,
so you turn your head just in time to glimpse
the nights shadow in a corner confined,

wide awake after dark, your faith’s eclipsed.
The ones you’ve loved have been taken away,
a man of simple thoughts searching for peace.
But the help you sought found only decay,
aware your contract is ending on life.
Your soul has grown weak; you no longer fight
the demon whispering you’re “so nice, so nice”.

- lizzvisions

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