Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Image: Justina Blakeney, edit by me

Hey guys! Just a quick currently post. My blog schedule will be changing and updating very soon. I have some plans in the works to make this blog bigger and better. Trying to make this thing more solid. Onward and upward!


Listening: "Girls Love Beyonce" By Drake feat. James Fauntleroy, "Exchange" by Bryson Tiller, "I Know" by Big Sean feat. Jhene Aiko
Making: Plans to get more organized.
Cooking: Rice and pasta with sautéed vegetables and mushrooms.
Drinking: Pineapple orange juice.
Reading: (In very slow process lol) The Prospero's War series by Jaye Wells and The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
Wanting: More time to get everything done.
Looking: At a pile of moving boxes.
Wasting: Nothing (I hope).
Wishing: For a calm weekend.
Enjoying: Getting breakfast from from Dunkin Donuts. Snapchat (My username: lizzvisions). The moodiness of my photography in the fall/winter season.
Growing: Up, hopefully.
Watching: Quantico and Scream Queens.
Collecting: More notebooks to write in.
Wearing: Grey socks, brown moccasins, grey leggings, my favorite at-home hoodie and a black scarf
Noticing: How time is flying by...
Thinking: About the future.

How's everybody doing? :]



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