Saturday, August 29, 2015

Painting Florals in Watercolor // ART + DESIGN

Hello, all! So I just wanted to share a little floral watercolor painting I did the other day. I haven't painted with watercolors (or even drawn) in such a long time it feels like I'm learning to walk again. I'm hoping it will start to feel as natural as it did before.

Rather, I intend to work hard on my art skills so it can start to feel as natural as it did before. Maybe the problem is not knowing what to draw or the techniques to make it happen but whatever it is I really just want to get creating again. Hopefully this will be the impetus to getting more art on the blog again!

The top photo is a close up and the second photo is an edit I made to give the pattern a mirror effect. Any other art bloggers out there with tips on getting through artist block?

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