Saturday, October 31, 2020


For the month of October, I decided to put my Microsoft Surface tablet and pen to use and practice some digital drawing! I drew a sunflower design, which came out way better than I expected, and a pink justice scales logo. 

This is different from my usual portraits but I really enjoyed the process of making these stickers. (Another fun thing I can attribute to being on Tik Tok nonstop these last few months lol 😄). I saw some other artists who make stickers and thought it looked so fun. I drew up my design and then uploaded it to a website called Stickermule. They arrived in the mail a few days later and viola!

I also turned my original Meg Thee Stallion sketch into a sticker. But it’s a bit too large for my water bottle so I made this collage of stickers instead. It’s on 8 x 8 canvas that I painted with pink acrylic paint. Turns out I actually like it this way! 

Check out my process and mini-tutorial on my Instagram: @lizzvisions

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