Sunday, January 1, 2017


Hello all! Welcome back to my blog and Happy New Year!

So today I'm going to be doing a 6 month update on my Barnes and Noble Desk Planner.

I started out using this planner in early January 2016 and if you take a look at my blog you can see just how sparse and bare it was when I first started. Once I figured out a color coding system that worked for me then I think it got much better.

It worked well when I was busiest during the school year in February and March and I especially loved it for monthly planning. Towards April and May I found it easier to just write out a list for the weeks assignments and just set alarms and reminders on my phone and computer for deadlines and due sates.

I think I wanted to have more space to decorate and take more notes. As much as I like the look of it and the literary profile feature I think now it could've been better used as note space.

I had trouble figuring out what to put in here after school got out because I don't think the space was as conducive to making everyday lists or bullet journaling like I wanted to. So I think I'm going to retire this planner officially but I've got some new planner stuff on the way so stay tuned! :]

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