Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Week #2 | LIFESTYLE

Hello again! So this week I took a very small step in planner decoration - highlighters! To be honest, I'm just waiting to order some cool stickers off of Etsy and I wanted to see how a little bit of decoration looked first. I know this is minuscule in comparison to some of the glam planners of the world but I'm still getting my footing with this and the primary focus of my planner is to be functional.

I think color coding is going to work well for my planner, especially since school starts back up in a week (!!!). I actually feel more prepared than ever since I have this planner and a new more focused outlook on my life. (But you never know, Mercury is retrograde...) Anyway, feel free to share planning tips or how your week went in the comments below. :]

Tools Used: Pilot Precise V5 Pen in Black, Sharpie Highlighter in Pink

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