Wednesday, March 26, 2014

John Vanderpoel Eye Studies

So some time ago while I was book swapping at my local library, I came across a paperback version of The Human Figure by John Vanderpoel. It's one of those art books that I'll put down for awhile, come back to, sketch from and then be amazed at how much I've improved. 

It's one of my favorite books to sketch from because it just felt so mystical finding it among the other forgotten books in the library. Fast forward a couple years later and now I know a little bit more about art. And when I'm studying my favorite artists, I find that most of them reference this book too!

So yeah, basically it's a pretty great book and I have sketched and redrawn some of the large faces and most of the eyes in it. But I definitely need to go back to it again. I want to get on the level of the academic figure drawers, and learn how to copy the masters really well.

Although my style kind of changes from time to time and I experiment with different types of art (see the comic sketches below), there seems to be a soft spot in my heart for portrait and figures. :]

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